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What my clients say is extremely important to my business. Without client satisfaction, I would not have a business.
That’s why:
Massage Therapist Danielle Dugan is so invested in making sure that clients are happy with all of the health treatments and services she offers. Take a look at what her past clients have said about their experiences working with her and schedule your appointment today.

Stone Tower

I'd like to begin by saying I love massage! I have been receiving massage for almost 40 years and have experienced many massage therapists, both good and bad. Danielle is in a category of her own, outstanding! I have been with Danielle for the last two years seeing her on a monthly basis. I'm very impressed by her physical stamina and strength, empathy and the extent of her knowledge. Danielle seems to know instinctively what you need, puts you at ease and always leaves you wanting more. I've never been disappointed and am sure you won't be either.


Healing Stones

      I went for years with back spasms that would keep me from functioning some days.  Danielle is the only massage therapist that was able to provide help with the immediate pain and also work on improving my situation.  It took a while to reverse all the problems I had built up from years of desk work, but Danielle succeeded in providing relief that has lasted for years.  I still see her every few weeks to help keep me feeling my best and to occasionally help me through various exercise related injuries.  My life would not be the same today without Danielle’s wonderful help.


Two Dried Leaves

I had my first massage with Danielle recently, and I left feeling amazing!! She really found the right places and worked on them, making sure I was comfortable the whole time. It was the best massage I’ve had.


Pink Blossom

Danielle is a fantastic massage therapist. She really listens and understands how to treat problem areas, and is committed to providing best in class service.
I would highly recommend her to anyone, whether you need maintenance or you have specific trouble areas. I’ve been going to her for almost 13 years and there is no one better!


White Flowers

Danielle has been my massage therapist for over five years now and has helped me deal with and overcome chronic neck pain.
I highly recommend working with her on a regular basis!!!


Fresh Coffee Beans

Danielle is a wonderful massage therapist. 
We have been getting massages from her for over 15 years and feel that she keeps us healthy.  At our ages of 77 and 80, that is saying something.  Bless her and her commitment.  She is always able to find those spots that need relaxed.
We would highly recommend her to others.

Lorraine and Rod

Marathon Runners

Danielle is awesome! I came for help in recovery for marathon training. She worked deep to release the built up tension my hips and legs and did some stretching to identify underlying problem areas to focus on. Back to running the next morning and feeling 10 times better. Thanks Danielle!


Splattered Paint

Awesome experience.
I have chronic cluster migraines and Danielle worked worked through all the trigger point I didn’t even know I had! I felt a million times better after one session. I will definitely return!



I am a 61-year-old client of Danielle. 
She has been my massage therapist for more than
12 years.
Over this time she has helped me through various difficult surgeries; rotator cuff, lower back fusion, and knee replacement. I now utilize her on a monthly basis to help keep me feeling good and mobile.
Danielle has an amazing intuitive way of finding knots and problem areas and then is able to release them back to normal.
I look forward to each and every visit with Danielle and would highly recommend her to everyone.


Orange Blossom

      Danielle has been my massage therapist since 2012. Danielle has very strong hands, which are a great help getting all of the "knots" that she has to always deal with.

She has given me many suggestions to do, to help myself so that I don't have so many knots and pain.  I should listen to her lot better!

  Danielle is a wonderful massage therapist and I highly recommend seeing her for a massage!


review pic.jpg

 I went to Danielle after my back had went out just before having some tournaments come up

that I needed to participate in.

She took the time to really find the problems and get me to heal quicker with all of her knowledge. She is very passionate with what she does which is why I feel so comfortable going to see her.   

Without her massages I would not have gotten back to 100% as fast as I did.

    I would highly recommend if you are injured or just need an awesome massage go see Danielle she is very knowledgeable and great at what she does!!!


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