Danielle Dugan


My Dreams and Aspirations

 Danelle Dugan was born and raised in Lakewood, Colorado. I have always enjoyed the outdoors, enjoying the beautiful nature of the Rocky Mountains.

I graduated from Colorado school of Healing Arts in 2003, I have 16 years of Professional Massage therapy experience and have enjoyed every moment of it. I had 10 1/2 years experience at a chiropractors office, and really enjoyed it and learned a lot.

I have built life long friendships and have met the most amazing people, it has been a rewarding journey and I love helping and healing with my intuitive and holistic techniques.

In my spare time I enjoy making memories with my beautiful young boys and my absolute AMAZING husband, we do a lot of camping, hiking, bowling and many other adventurous activities.  I also love to geek out on essentials oils and educate others about the benefits.

I love what I do and I'm humbled by the people I'm surrounded by!

  I can not wait to meet you!