What is it?   

Cupping therapy is a type of alternative medicine that can be traced back to ancient cultures like Chinese and Egyptian. Ancient documents describe the use of cupping therapy as far back as 1,550 B.C.

How does cupping therapy work?

The therapy works by placing cups on the skin to create suction.

   The suction thus created helps mobilize blood flow in the body by oxygenating the blood and boost the healing of a number of medical conditions.

Cupping therapy may be administered on its own, or be combined with other alternative practices like, accupuncture, massage therapy or essential oils therapy.

What are the Benefits?

Here are some of the benefits that cupping therapy can offer:

  • Helps reduce pain-By increasing blood flow, cupping therapy reduces the level of inflammation in the body. As inflammation is decreased, pain is also reduced to provide an overall better quality of life.​

  • Stress- Indirectly, this helps to reduce the effects stress has on the body.   While it doesn’t directly reduce the level of stress hormones in the system, cupping therapy does alleviate the symptoms of stress. By providing a deeper state of relaxation,​  also a means of protection against anxiety and depression.

  • Appearance of Skin-cupping is used to treat conditions like cellulite and acne. The therapy works by stimulating the flow of lymphatic fluid which helps remove bacteria and transports proteins to different parts of the body.

  • Treats colds and other respiratory issues-When therapy cups are placed on specific points of the individual’s body like the upper back where the lungs are located, the procedure can be used to clear out the build-up of phlegm in the area.  Respiratory concerns like congestion and fluid build-up can also be removed.

  •  Improves digestion- The digestive system takes a heavy toll and its organs can benefit greatly by the perks cupping therapy has to offer. For instance, when negative pressure, such as that applied in cupping therapy is administered, and old blood is pulled up, and fresh oxygenated blood rushes in to replace it. This action revives, detoxifies and stimulates the digestive organs in the area. Also relieving indigestion or heartburn.

  • Relieves headaches- It is beneficial for individuals suffering from frequent headaches or migraines. 

...To treat headaches and similar ailments, essentials oils are introduced and spread on the skin. Among these lavender and eucalyptus are preferred choices since they are natural pain relievers. The oils provide the necessary lubrication to move the cups easily. Based on the type of headache, the cups are positioned and ‘glided’ over skin to ease the associated stress and improve circulation.

  • Menopausal symptom management- relief from a number of menopausal symptoms such as pain, hot flashes and mood swings. Some women even seek treatment during their premenopausal phase to minimize menopausal symptoms since cupping helps balance and stabilize hormones.  Cupping therapy for women can also help stabilize any erratic bleeding and is considered a very effective detox after menopause along with providing bone and joint pain relief to patients.

  • Detoxification benefits-Since cupping circulates blood, it can also be used to remove toxins and other waste material from the body. After all, a number of ailments and diseases are brought on by improper or impaired circulation of blood around the body or when organs fail to perform when blood is loaded with toxins and other impurities.